How I Have Been Empowered

Being an Intern at YCDI for the last two months have been an edifying experience. I’ve been exposed to systems and concepts I was totally unaware of prior to the start of my tenure. Of all the new ideas I was introduced to, the most compelling one was the Gallup...

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DAB Volunteer Experience

Volunteering at DAB Summer ‘17 has been a personally enriching experience that’s definitely opened my eyes. During the last four weeks we were given the opportunity to significantly influence a group of unique yet ambitious high schoolers not too different from ourselves when we were their age.   Many Jamaicans...

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How we utilise technology as a team!

At Youth Can Do I.T. we have embraced modernity in almost every facet of our operations. Technology has become the backbone of the work we do as a team in order for us to meet all the challenges of being a company in 2017. We are constantly innovating our modus...

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