Summer Camps

Social Good Tech Camp

YCDIs Social Good Tech Camp is a 2-week summer camp where the students will have an intensive, hands-on experience of emulating a social enterprise to solve or raise awareness about social issues in Jamaica. The participants will be broken into teams/departments in the company based on their career interest. Each team will be provided with a mini-deliverable that will be regarded as their contribution to the overall company.

Key Objectives

  • Solve or raise awareness about a social issue using technology.
  • Expose the participants to the technology space and various roles in an organization
  • Have the participants start thinking about social issues around them and how they could be the change agents to solve them
  • Learn about Social Enterprises and their importance
  • Learn basic Agile principles and concepts to manage a project
  • Learn different skills and put them into practice
  • Learn new technical skills
  • To empower the participants to understand and know what their innate talents and strengths are, how to apply it to execute, strategize, influence and work with others.

There's More

Empowering YOUth Workshop

All participants will also take the StrengthsFinder Assessment and have Empowering YOUth Sessions with Lianne McNaughton, a Gallup Strengths Coach.

Panel Discussions and Lunch & Learns

Professionals will be invited to join to have lunch with them so they can learn about various professions