Ambassador Program

Who We Are

The YCDI Ambassador program is a network of passionate students and young professionals who are dedicated to using technology and strengths based initiatives to empower the youth. YCDI ambassadors contribute their time and talents to supporting the projects and ventures of YCDI. Our Ambassadors are an incredible community of passionate techies (and non-techies) who strongly believe that when it comes to creating positive change in this world “You(th) Can Do It!”. Our goal is to impress upon the youth via workshops, hands-on and interactive learning initiatives that whatever they imagine can manifest into plausible careers, and can provide solutions to problems they see around them in the community. Most importantly, YCDI initiatives equip our participants with the right skills and tools to turn their dreams into reality, changing their self-doubt into unshakable confidence and reinforcing belief in themselves.

Become An Ambassador!

As an YCDI ambassador you’ll have the opportunity to play an integral part in assisting the organisation’s community outreach. You’ll position yourself as an agent of change, having the potential to impact many youth and as a result help to improve the quality of their life, whether it be through technology based workshops, school tours, or even character building workshops.

What We're looking For

We're looking for Sixth Form Students, University Students and Young Professionals that are:


Ambassador Teams

Brand Ambassadors

All our Ambassadors represent the brand. Help us spread our brand through outreach, events and school tours.

Workshop Facilitator

Our workshops are where we have the greatest impact. If you like working with young people, are patient and enjoy imparting knowledge, this is a good capacity for you to serve in.

Program Coordination and Project Management

Interested in project management? Here at YCDI we do everything Agile. Learn how to manage and run our projects using Agile project management and before you know it you’ll be an Agile ninja.

Technology and Innovation!

Want to help develop new and innovative ways to teach our youth about technology? Have you had an interesting idea that you’ve always wanted to explore. Join this team other like-minded forward-thinkers!

Marketing and Content Creation

Are you witty and good with words? Join this team to help create content for our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages.

Design and Branding

Do you have the creative chops to make things look good? Or are you interested in improving on your skills. Join our Design & Branding team to create all design content for YCDI that will be used on our online platforms